First Florida approaches each project with diligence and a fresh eye toward successfully creating distinctive, superior and socially and environmentally responsible homes. A great majority of our projects include complexities of waterfront, wetlands, protected animal or exotic plant life.

Preliminary Review
Using a team approach to designing a home is a critical element in having a successful project that is completed on time and on budget. First Florida has the ability to assist our clients with site selection, and provide valuable information on efficient construction techniques, value engineering and design ideas. These constructive first meetings are key to successfully working towards the same goals.

Initial Budget Estimate
Once the homeowner has selected a location and the architect has completed the preliminary design, our team creates an Initial Budget Estimate. This approximate cost estimate for the project ensures that the project goals will be met.

County, City, Homeowner Association Liaison
Receiving all of the proper approvals from various governing agencies and boards can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. First Florida takes on this task and acts as a liaison for the homeowner throughout the construction process, starting at the beginning of the project when drawings are submitted, to the community review boards and building department, through the final turnover of warranty documents.

Detail Estimating
Once the architectural and engineering documents are complete, First Florida develops a detailed set of Specifications and Qualifications with a Final Budget which outlines selections, recommended allowances, and estimated length of construction. This estimate incorporates all interior and exterior items and finishes.

Value Engineering
First Florida will provide recommendations on how to build the home more efficiently and ways to achieve the targeted budget without compromising integrity. This is accomplished by finding alternate products and design solutions that are more economical, while not diminishing from quality and the desired ambiance.

Scheduling and Communications
Communication plays a major role in the success for any project. All team members are in contact with each other and formal updates and progress reports are shared. Paul monitors each project to ensure that the highest quality is maintained and the project is on track with established projections and budget.



First Florida honors a long-lasting tradition of building excellence, anchored in the belief each new home project requires individualized attention, innovative solutions and steadfast work ethics.

We measure our project success based on your satisfaction as your vision for the project becomes your reality.

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