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 Through the many market fluctuations, First Florida has been a steady beacon, guiding owners through the building process. Success in this process requires a team dedicated to excellence. The First Florida team espouses the highest standards and a cohesive value system. We are committed to serving our customers well. This commitment has set First Florida apart as a builder of excellence; with financial accountability and transparency always above reproach.

The resulting relationship is one built on trust and one that you will enjoy throughout the process and for the long term. 


Founded in 1975 by Paul Kleinfeld, First Florida has become synonymous with a commitment to   unparalleled customer satisfaction, innovative solutions and quality handcrafted construction. Drawing on exceptional combined industry expertise of over 100 years, First Florida provides its clientele with new construction, remodeling options, custom additions and maintenance programs. 

First Florida is consistently committed to the craft, reviewing and updating building techniques to reflect the cutting edge of construction technologies. With keen attention to detail, the results create a unique style and signature that is truly your own. All our homes are both built responsibly and exceeding expectations.

As a pillar in the community it serves, First Florida is also committed  to giving back to the local community through philanthropic sponsorships and volunteer service.

  • The First Florida team serves you by incorporating the highest quality materials, strongest building practices and open, honest communication. The solid foundation of quality building necessitates the utilization of a cohesive team; including the home owner, design professionals and thoughtful, deliberate and conscious craftsmen who are dedicated to customer service and integrity unsurpassed in the industry. Such is the philosophy at First Florida. Every member of the First Florida team from the top executive to field supervisors, subcontractors and vendors is selected specifically for his or her commitment to excellence in home building. 
  • Although our commitment to serve our customers well is what has set First Florida apart as a builder of excellence; our reputation for financial accountability and transparency will always be above reproach in communities that we serve.  
  • Every project budget is given the utmost attention, with a proficient estimating and project management team.  The resulting relationship is built on trust and is one you will enjoy throughout the process and for the long term.
  • With an eye toward environmental stewardship and an inherent respect for Florida’s distinctive ecosystem, First Florida creates elegant handcrafted homes that only enhance the surrounding landscape.